5 Essential items: Packing for your solo trip

You’ve made it to this point….either you are preparing for your next solo trip or you are curious about taking a solo trip. As with any type of travel, there are a significant number of essential items to ensure that you bring along for a smooth trip. However, when traveling solo, you’ll want to beContinue reading “5 Essential items: Packing for your solo trip”

Flights for $11.20 : Trips to Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston & Las Vegas

Every flight that you take matters! Whether you fly once a week, once a month or once a quarter, each of those flights can equate to opportunities for future flights. You may be wondering…How is that possible? Well here’s how, every airline offers a rewards program for buying tickets through their company. Those reward points equateContinue reading “Flights for $11.20 : Trips to Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston & Las Vegas”

No Diggity…..No Doubt!

Have you ever doubted yourself? Doubted your ability? Doubted your strength? Doubted your decisions? How did you overcome that doubt? These questions represent a tug of war I recently faced between fear/doubt & confidence/faith. Many of you have probably seen the acronym, F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real) and although I believe this to be true,Continue reading “No Diggity…..No Doubt!”

Tulum, Mexico – 3 Day Trip Recommendations

When is a good time to travel to Mexico?? Anytime, especially for a Girls Trip! After months of searching for flight deals from different cities, I stumbled upon $200-300 Roundtrip flights to Cancun from multiple cities. This was the perfect gift as I was looking to gather as many of my closest friends to celebrateContinue reading “Tulum, Mexico – 3 Day Trip Recommendations”

2018 Travel Goals

  How is April already almost over? If you’re somewhat like me (a travel addict) at this point in the year you probably have already hit at least one place that was on your travel bucket list. My kickstart was delayed as I spent the 1st half of the year focused on my health andContinue reading “2018 Travel Goals”

Chicago – 2 Day Trip Recommendation

Where to Stay: London House –  LondonHouse Chicago Riverwalk Beautiful views of the Riverwalk Picturesque rooftop bar with a great variety of drinks Walking distance or quick Lyft ride to all major attractions Where to Eat: Tiffany’s Restaurant & Cafe – (3 Miles away from O’hare Airport) Giordanos The Gage Garrett’s Popcorn Molly’s Cupcakes WhatContinue reading “Chicago – 2 Day Trip Recommendation”

New Orleans, Louisiana – 3 day Trip Recommendations

Where to stay: St. James Hotel http://www.saintjameshotel.com Charming Boutique hotel within walking distance to all major New Orleans attractions Where to eat: Ruby Slipper Cafe (Download Nowait App, Thank me later!) Felix’s Restaurant & Oyster House Willie Mae’s Fried Chicken Acme Oyster House Drago’s Seafood Restaurant Cafe Du Monde What to Do: Explore French Quarter VisitContinue reading “New Orleans, Louisiana – 3 day Trip Recommendations”

New Orleans, Louisiana

Beignets, Red Beans & Rice, Chargrilled Oysters, Jambalaya, Po-boys…     Is your mouth watering yet?? Well mine is, and it happens every time I think about and step foot into the marvelous city of New Orleans. So, is food my motivating factor for frequenting this city? Absolutely! However this city offers so much moreContinue reading “New Orleans, Louisiana”