3 Days in Paris: Itinerary

Paris Day 1



Wine Tasting – Les Caves du louvre

Dinner – Bosquet

Eiffel Tower – Evening 

Paris Day 2

Jardin de Luxembourg

Pantheon – Overwhelmed by the magnitude, the detailed depiction 

Notre Dame

Arc de Triomphe

Champs Elysee

Grand Palais – Eiffel Tower

Galleries Laffeyette – Went Shopping


Last Day – Wednesday

Breakfast – Saint Severin Cafe 

Chateau de Versailles – 3.5 hours


-2 Grand Apartments for the King & Queen

  • Over 10,000 ppl worked/lived
  • Each Louis made additions 
  • Room of Mirrors 

Montmarte – Sacre Coeur – Sort of

Louvre – 1 hour

Champs Elysse

Bateaux Parisiens- Eiffel Tower Stop (closes at 8:30) – 22 Bridges – 1 hour (my suggestion would be to take the tour during the day or to even start the day

Dinner – Glad I decided to turnaround, stumbled upon a French Restaurant with a beautiful view of Notre Dame

Buy berets for me – Red, beige

Ashley,Tanae, Victoria, Brittany

If time YSL Museum

My perfect Color 

Primark – Cool Espresso


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