Flights for $11.20 : Trips to Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston & Las Vegas

Every flight that you take matters! Whether you fly once a week, once a month or once a quarter, each of those flights can equate to opportunities for future flights. You may be wondering…How is that possible? Well here’s how, every airline offers a rewards program for buying tickets through their company. Those reward points equate differently for every airline, however if you’re loyal to using an airline more frequently than others, you SHOULD definitely be enrolled in their program. 


I am a faithful Southwest Airlines customer for a few reasons – 1) No baggage fees 2) Consistent good service 3) Flight availability to cities that I frequent. Consistently using Southwest as my #1 choice afforded me the chance to accumulate enough points to cover 3 flights in 2018 and 2 additional flights booked for 2019. And I’m here to tell you that I only paid $11.20 for each of these flights! (The $11.20 is the total amount roundtrip, including taxes)

You’re probably thinking about all of the flights that you’ve taken and all of the points that you haven’t accumulated…. Don’t fret! You can start today!!



So here’s a few steps to help you get on your way to your next nearly free trip. 

  1. Download the mobile apps for each airline that you use
  2. Sign Up & enroll in the rewards program (Southwest – Rapid Rewards, United – Mileage Plus, American Airlines – AAdvantage)
  3. Read about the specific airlines rewards program, so that you don’t miss out on how to leverage your points. 
  4. Sporadically check the app for promotions- For example: Southwest may offer double rewards if you book a flight between X date to Z date. Or, they may offer A-List status upgrade if you book a flight within that month
  5. VERY IMPORTANT: When searching for flights through third party websites, take a moment to see if the actual airline is offering the same price, if so BUY on the airlines website so that you can gain your points.
  6. If you can, maximize your travel with one specific airline to boost your rewards points faster. As mentioned above, this is exactly what I did with Southwest, which worked to my advantage.
  7. Sit back and allow your points to accumulate. You can use them at any point throughout the year, by selecting points vs. $.




**Similar to how flight prices vary dependent upon time of day and # of stops, you will see the same variance when viewing for rewards points. **


Happy traveling my friends, and just a reminder Don’t forget to shine!

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